On our 40th anniversary we are most grateful to those who have made our last four decades possible. - Danelle Dann

Greetings and welcome:

As we are all grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, we hope everyone remains safe in this, our global quarantine.

Our activity has been interrupted for the time being, given our clients mandatory hiatus in Europe.

Friends and clients from around the globe send us photographs that seem impossible: money centres as well as small towns exhibit an empty devastating manner. Having all this time on our hands, some of the photos have been collaged and published via Pinterest.

We do not know for what length of time this situation will continue, and given the outlook in

Manhattan, we had to leave the city, but remain in contact via telephone or email. 

Please accept our best wishes for reasonable times at home, health and our sincere hope that we shall see you before long.

I am joined in this by the entire staff.




90 Park Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10016