Ours remains a firm with a presence in Geneva, headquartered in New York. Assignments awarded Interlangue have traditionally been in banking, and as of 2008 in Universities and Research Institutes. As previously stated in this space, data respecting our assignments can no longer be described in detail, at our clients' request. Considering the market circumstances, perhaps it must be stated that a search is generally concluded in ten months or more. Substantively more time is being used for personal meetings while tele-conferencing (skype) is being used to an ever diminishing extent.

Some changes have taken place as of February 1st, 2017 at our firm: while our activities remain unchanged, Maximillian van de Huigg will continue to manage our Geneva presence. The honourable Professor Doctor van der Huigg, Max' father, will manage our New York office.


As always, we love hearing from all our clients, present and past, and continue our efforts in the hope that better market-times for all may be ahead.

With best wishes for continued success,
As of the First Financial Quarter 2019