On our 40th anniversary we are most grateful to those who have made our last four decades possible. - Danelle Dann

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Founded by Danelle Dann, 'The Interlangue Group Inc.' along with a specialised branch, “Danelle Dann International, Inc.” are referred to as 'Interlangue' on the current website. We have geared our activities toward executive search for the foreign banking community doing business in the U.S. at first, and, following the financial crisis of 2008, our attention has been re-focused on the very same banks and their respective Headquarters in the E.U. The focus of our searches has become the strategy underlying sophisticated trading instruments, not only of banks, but of world-renowned Research Groups. We have concluded searches in Zürich, Frankfurt, and Geneva during the last eleven years.

With a presence in Geneva, and headquarters in New York, we are able to accommodate any schedule, as ours is a relatively small community, be it in the U.S. or anywhere in the E.U.

Having placed the emphasis on Corporate Finance and Treasury from the start, we have continued a steadfast march alongside our clientele for the last forty years. Recently new dimensions were added to our assignments: research for the theoretical aspects of Treasury.

Not drawing a distinction between 'client' and 'candidate', 'Interlangue' have weathered a multitude of storms: "black Monday" of 1987, Gulf War I, September/11/2001, various corporate scandals following 9/11, Gulf War II, the 2008 near-collapse of the financial markets, and most recently the unique (for the current generation) political conditions at both European and national levels, all interspersed with some good years.

Our Present Team

Regrettably interim assignments/management candidacies are no longer offered as a courtesy to our clients.

Should you wish to contact us about this issue, please write to: dd@interlangue.com

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