On our 40th anniversary we are most grateful to those who have made our last four decades possible. - Danelle Dann

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Our clients have repeatedly relied on us, while in New York, for market intelligence in our segment of banking i.e. Treasury as such, and the Theoretical basis involved. While the foreign banking community does not employ more than 5000 individuals in senior positions in New York, each bank enters the US market with a specific goal and an expressly stated Purpose of Mission. Through us, to some extent, our clients have been able to attain an in-depth look at the respective market conditions, applicable at the time of their entry in the market place or at the time of a specific search. We would subsequently be contacted in matters of strategy and compensation.

As of 2008 to date, we have concluded a few assignments in financial centres in Europe, while establishing a presence in Geneva. With the American market having entered its recession in 2008, we found continued activity, albeit not necessarily robust, in countries such as Germany and Switzerland. It must be said that the current "structural adjustmentā€¯ continues to be a counteractive force in our work in the European Union. Current E.U. political conditions, of multi-polar provenience, unique for this generation, can only be seen as destabilizing an already weakly recovering market.

Given our activity in the E.U., we were honoured to be granted assignments that place their respective focus on the theory behind our various banking endeavours. A few searches, with their focus on 'self-similarity', were unique in scope for our firm at the time of their conclusion, thus bringing about a re-orientation of our firm's profile. As of recent we have accepted some of our present-day clients' preference that we conduct our search from their respective locus, i.e. the University or Research Establishment/Denkfabrik in question.

Having witnessed first-hand the booming '80s followed by the 1987 market collapse, the expansive '90s following the First Gulf War, September 11th, 2001, the Iraq War I and II, the market collapse of 2008 along with the market pace of 2010 to date, our 'bird's eye view' may well offer a perspective which could be of assistance to some of our clients. In assisting clients both during an up-swing, invariably followed by the cyclicality of a shortfall, we have been an active participant in the compensation structures inherent to these conditions.

As the world economy continues to travel the harsh terrain of uncertainty, universities and banks alike are most interested in finding an explanation for current financial events, all the more so given the E.U. political climate. The global envelopment of this financial crisis/or crises requires, if not common denominators, a minimum of a financial 'genetic code' for the current market conditions. Our clients, while generally 'crisis-fatigued', are seeking a causality-generated explanation, one that may possibly be referenced in the future.

Our 40 years of uninterrupted activity in New York, experience now enhanced by assignments outside the U.S., and outside the previous disciplines covered, enable us to offer our clients a unique perspective: the now obvious results of successful or failing business scenarios. Key players or business models seen through the prism of success or failure in the past, may offer a window into what may work and what may not. Envisioning future business plans may be enhanced while scrutinising plans put into action in the past, be they successes or failures.

We are able to provide, in a small manner and for a most specific market-segment, the sense of continuity or history, even self-similarity, for TREASURY/THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE/BANKING in New York; to a smaller extent, the same holds true for some of Europe's financial centres.

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